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Moving Beyond Belief: A New Focus for the Christian Faith

For many Christians their religion has become an ideology which doesn’t touch their hearts. The central argument of the book is that we must shift the focus of our religion away from biblical belief to a sense of the deep, transforming love that comes from knowing God. In making such a change, Christians will finally come to a place where they can work with God to make the world a better place.

A Second Chance

In this story, Jesus comes to New York City and chooses a gay man to be his messenger. The two proceed to establish a movement to redefine the Christian faith. The characters are warm and zany. Their escapades will make you laugh and challenge you to think. The book offers a quick read and considerable food for thought.

A Man Called Jesus

Have you ever wondered about Nazareth as a place to live in the first century? How about Jesus the miracle worker: how did he do the great deeds reported of him in the New Testament? A Man Called Jesus answers these questions and more. It recreates Jesus as a Jew in contrast to the picture presented by the first century church. It's a novel that makes one central assumption about the historical Jesus. He was a man all about love. In doing so it creates a Jesus that is relevant for all times and places.